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How to Take Care of JJ Flea!

So you’ve welcomed the JJ Flea into your home? Here’s all you need to know about making sure they’re safe and comfortable!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

JJ Flea loves sports, keep fit, and dancing. If there’s an excuse – and there will always be one – to move about, they’ll seize it with their tiny hands. Here’s some expert advice on looking after the sportiest bug about.

1. Water

As JJ Flea is the most active of Gnasher’s fur community, hydration is very important. It might be worth leaving small bowls of water around the house and remember to keep her bottle topped up before, during and after any sporting activity. Seriously, she loves chugging water like nobody’s business.

2. Food

The JJ Flea requires a balanced diet, similar to professional athletes: plenty of protein, vegetables and carbs for essential energy reserves. That’s not to say she doesn’t enjoy having a sneaky plate of chips after a lap of the local swimming pool – who doesn’t?

3. Other diet

Even though JJ Flea takes her sport and diet very seriously, she actually lends her sense of competition to more gentle activities, like baking cakes and making bread. Her athletics stopwatch comes in extremely handy for timing things in the oven.

4. Litter tray

The JJ Flea finds standing in a cat’s toilet a bit gross, so prefers to use a normal toilet if that’s alright with you? Always remember to flush the toilet after you’ve used it because she’s very fussy about hygiene – and quite right too. She carries her sports towel everywhere she goes, so there’s no need to provide a tiny hand towel really.

5. Socialising

JJ Flea loves to spend time with her other flea pals – Menace, Minnie, Rubi and Pieface – and will always try to find a way of turning a simple hang out into a sports day of some description. This is where a small frisbee comes in handy, because she’ll be running all over the place while you or her flea friends relax on the spot. We’re surprised she hasn’t realised yet.

6. Grooming

JJ Flea enjoys a daily bath – once in the morning and once before bed. While she’s the most active flea around, she’s also the sweatiest. Don’t worry, she has her own deodorant. Please, please, please don’t buy her flea spray when she runs out.

7. Well-being

To relax, JJ Flea enjoys listening to podcasts featuring sports reports and interviews with leading athletes. Sometimes she’ll listen to music, but that will make her want to leap around as though she was leading a dance fitness class, like the one your aunt used to go to before she misplaced her leg warmers.