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How to Take Care of Rubi Flea!

Here’s all you need to know about taking care of the smartest flea in the gnasherverse – Rubi Flea!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

So, chances are that if you’re reading this page, you’ve either adopted a Rubi Flea of your own or simply want to know the amount of effort it takes to care for this scientifically-minded bug. We’ve broken the most important aspects of flea husbandry into seven handy tips!

1. Water

Due to Rubi Flea’s advance scientific knowledge, there’s no need to provide water as she makes her own using a her own equipment and experimental know-how. That’s one less thing to worry about, right? Don’t worry if you here a thundery noise – that’s just ‘the process’, apparently.

2. Food

Rubi isn’t a fussy eater and will have whatever the rest of the family is eating. Unless you’re having jacket potatoes – she can’t stand them and would prefer it if you hid them from her as they’re the size of planets. Chips are fine.

3. Other diet

Rubi likes to pick on peanut crumbs and monster claw-shaped snacks while conducting scientific experiments or watching documentaries about the Hadron Collider. She’s happy to explain the hard stuff if you have exceptional hearing.

4. Litter tray

Rubi Flea has her own special bathroom which is built into the side of her scientific laboratory. The idea of manoeuvring herself through wet cat gravel does not appeal to her on any level, which is fair enough.

5. Socialising

Rubi Flea enjoys hanging out with her flea pals: Menace, JJ, Minnie and Pieface. Sometime she’ll suggest a TV show to watch, or sometimes she’ll see how high they can all leap and turn it into a experiment. It turns out holding a pea with hamper the height of your jump. Sometimes mistakes will be made, like the time she trapped herself in an atom!

Rubi Flea inside an atom

6. Grooming

Rubi Flea’s morning routine is technologically advanced and involves state of the art toothbrushes, hairdryers, an Auto Brush 3000 and backlit mirror. All we ask is that you leave it plugged in for a while once a day so it doesn’t run out of juice first thing in the morning.

7. Well-being

Rubi Flea has a powerful telescope and will spend the dark, clear evenings gazing out into the universe and trying to piece together the mysteries of the stars and planets. After that, it’s a biscuit, a glass of milk and gets into bed with a heavy, scientific book.