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How To Take Care of Your Greatest Show Flea!

Here’s all you need to know about looking after your new performing pet flea!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022


It’s very important to keep your new flea hydrated with fresh water. As a performer, it can get quite hot and sweaty under the stage lights and it will help them should they feel the need to sing very loudly at a moment’s notice. As they’re in the entertainment world, a personalised water bottle with a blam design will make them feel very special.


Like any rock group that goes on tour, your flea will require what is called a ‘rider’, which is basically a buffet of sausage rolls, cheese and some celery. The Greatest Showflea likes to snack throughout the day as they rehearse their songs, acting roles and acrobatics. If they were to sit down for three big meals a day, they might burp instead of singing beautiful songs or telling hilarious jokes as part of their routine.

A row of sausage rolls

Other diet

The Greatest Showflea has asked us to say that the sausage roll buffet is more than enough, thank you, but would love some pieces of fresh fruit or vegetables from that fancy basket in the kitchen if you could, thanks ever so much.

Fruit and vegetables

Litter tray

No outrageous requirements when it comes to going to the toilet. But if you have any books about the history of clowns, they would love to have a look if they need to be in their litter tray for a little longer than usual.


The Greatest Showflea loves an adoring crowd, which is all part of being a performer. If anyone would like to get their autograph, please wait at the stage door after the show, where they’ll be happy to chat about their life on the stage and sign any photographs you have.


As a performer, The Greatest Showflea will require a small dressing room mirror surrounded by tiny lights. This is so they can apply their clown make-up and make sure they look the part for any concerts they will put on for you and your family – free of charge!


Being a performer is very tiring, so this flea enjoys a lie in on the weekends and a maybe relaxing stroll after lunch. After that, it’s back to learning lines and rehearsing songs. This flea finds juggling very relaxing and would be happy to show you how. And like every performer, they adore fresh flowers!


This particular flea needs to have a good level of fitness in order to do acrobatics and even clowning around. A game of any sport next to the sofa will do, provided everyone has been warned in advance and gives them some space to do it without standing in the way. They’re quite keen on football, and Fleo Messi in particular.

A woman reading a sports book