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How To Take Care of Your Stink Flea!

Here’s all you need to know about pampering your new pongy pal!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022


Fleas can go up to two weeks without eating, but that won’t be the case when they start their new adventures in your home. We’ll discuss food requirements in a moment, but your flea will need a tiny amount of fresh water every day.


The Stink Flea normally lives off the methane – a stinky gas – that Gnasher produces from his bum. In your home, you could offer a small bowl of baked beans (one will do, to be fair) or a small chunk of cauliflower. As you can guess, a baked bean and cauliflower combo will provide some lively results but your new pal will be quite happy.

Baked beans

Other diet

If your Stink Flea wants to watch a film or a cartoon, a small amount of popcorn (salted if possible) would be appreciated. That’s it, really. Nothing fancy for your new stinky pal.

Litter tray

Like a household cat, the Stink Flea will use a litter tray as a toilet. While cats have a plastic box full of tiny rocks, you’ll only need a matchbox. Remember to empty and clean this regularly, or they will complain quietly.


The Stink Flea loves to meet other bugs and will often try to fart in a series of different, often unusual ways to make people laugh. It often backfires, as other fleas claim it just makes them feel a bit sick.

A farting man


Even though the Stink Flea lives up to its name, that’s not to say they don’t make an effort when it comes to hygiene. After a quick shower, they like to pop some deodorant under their many armpits and they’re ready for the day. We’re not entirely sure why, because they just smell of farts. But they try to smell nice, and that’s what matters.


The Stink Flea enjoys gentle music and even a very shallow bubble bath to relax. They also enjoy reading books, whether its fiction or joke books. Either kind will do, as long as they’re given some space to unwind after a long day of letting off horrible farts. It’s quite tiring, apparently.


Fleas can jump. That’s an actual fact. They do it without thinking and even the laziest flea wouldn’t count a leap as any kind of exercise. The Stink Flea likes to stretch their legs and go climbing on shelves and piles of laundry instead. That way, they can work on their arms and enjoy the thrill of tackling a tall object using a mixture of strength and skill, along with sandwich breaks (so don’t forget to prepare a small packed lunch should they embark on such an adventure). Failing a fart-fuelled climb, your Stink Flea enjoys a stroll or even a kick about, using a dried pea. They’ve got several powerful left feet, so watch out during any penalty practices.