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How To Take Care of Your Super Flea

“With great power comes great fleasponsibility.” That’s Super Flea’s catchphrase. When you have a Super Flea pet you need to be just as responsible. Remember, a Super Flea is not just for Christmas!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

Each flea is different and requires a unique approach when it comes to care. As such, for all you new flea owners, remember to check this list for essential information on how to care for your chosen flea.


Super Flea is constantly battling Gnasher’s scratching foot or working out in the gym to stay in fleak condition, so it’s important to help Super Flea stay properly hydrated. Always leave a bottle-top of water out for Super Flea (and a tiny towel so he can wipe down after his workouts).


Super Flea has a healthflea appetite and - being super keen on keeping fit - Super Flea eats a lot of Super Greens like spinach. It can be a bit bland sometimes so when you leave Super Flea’s daily spinach so remember to add a dash of Flea and Perrin’s Worcester Sauce. Just to spice it up a little!

Other diet

A sloth looks at a biscuit on a plate

For a treat, crumble a Macvitfleas Rich Flea Biscuit over Super Flea’s spinach.

Litter tray

Super Flea is so strong their droppings come out highly compacted like diamonds, so always sift through his litter, just in case he’s done a big one that you can regift!


Super Flea’s best friend is Astro Gnat but they’ll get on well with any Flea (assuming the other flea isn’t planning on taking over Gnasher’s back). Super Flea enjoys costume parties but sometimes the other fleas go dressed as Super Flea and that makes him a bit self-conscious.


Super Flea likes to stay well groomed. He’s faster than a speeding Flea comb so it’s hard to actually give him a good brush but he will enjoy a bath as long as it isn’t fleazing cold!



Super Flea enjoys long walks, going to the gym, and annihilating evil-doers. If you can’t find any evil-doers, you should try dressing as a dog and scratching your bum. That will keep Super Flea entertained for hours.


Always make sure that Super Flea is rewarded for his good deeds. With great power comes great fleasponsibility and he will respond well to being entrusted with tasks. Properly rewarded, Super Flea will do your homework, chores and eat your spinach. They’re the perfect Flea pet!