How Well Do You Know Your Baddies?

Can you identify all these wrongdoers?

Who's this rotter?

Image by Disney

This baddie is a king, but what type of king?

Image by Cartoon Network

Who's this mean lady?

Image by Warner Bros. Entertainment

Oh no, it's... wait, what's this villain's name?

Image by Warner Bros / LEGO

Booooo! It's her! It's... thingie. What's her name?

Image by Walt Disney Studios

Who's this smooth-talking supervillain?

Image by Marvel Studios

What wrongdoer is this?

Image by Mojang

You wouldn't want to share a lift with this guy, but what is he?

Seeing this master of disguise usually means you're in for a series of unfortunate events, but what's his name?

Image by Netflix

Who's this automotive offender?

Image by Walt Disney Studios
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