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How Will John Cena Spend His Retirement?

One of the greatest wrestlers of all time may be quitting the biz, but what will he do now?

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  September 25th 2017

John Cena might be retiring!

It looks like the 40-year-old wrestling legend is hanging up his really big jean shorts and calling it a day on his wrestling career

John Cena

How will he possibly fill his days now though?

He's still vaguely young, sort of. What's he going to do? Will be he bored?

John Cena

Perhaps he could go on a nice holiday in the Shetlands

Pony rides, nice cliffs โ€“ it's a really popular holiday destination for retirees, and an enormous shirtless killing machine should fit in effortlessly

He could hunt ghosts

'You can't see me' was Cena's catchphrase for years โ€“ invisibility is an excellent skill in a ghost hunter

He could volunteer to put his massiveness to good use

He weights 114kg, so could be useful for things like testing whether bridges are strong enough

He could go into space

If aliens encountered John Cena and thought he was a typical Earthling, there's no way they'd ever invade the Earth, because that would seem like a death-wish

He could be a human statue

He sort of looks one anyway, and standing fairly still for ages sounds like a pretty pleasant retirement...Next check out 6 Things You Need to Know about Wrestler John Cena!