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Terrific Tudor Quiz!

Test Your Tudor Trivia With This Totally Terrific Quiz!

Last Updated:  July 1st 2021
First Published:  June 3rd 2020

Terrific Tudor Quiz!


How many wives did Henry VIII have?


How old was Edward VI when he become king?


How many dresses did Elizabeth I own?


What was the name of the war Henry VII won?


Which of these people was NOT  a Tudor?


How long was Lady Jane Grey Queen for?


Who was the 'Groom of the Stool' in Henry VIII's court?


What was the name of the theatre where William Shakespeare performed his plays?


What is a cockatrice?


How did the Tudors keep clean?

Gadzooks, you're a Tudor expert! You know everything about this era, and if you got sent back in time you'd know exactly what to do!

Nice! You're a history buff and you obvioulsy find the Tudors fascinating, well done!

Well you know a little bit about the Tudors, but there's loads more to learn! Try again and see if you can score any higher!

Uh oh, you're totally clueless about the Tudors! Don't worry, if you try the quiz again you might pick up some terrific Tudor trivia!