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The Ultimate Twitch Quiz

Have you got an itch to do a quiz about Twitch?

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

The Ultimate Twitch Quiz

1/8 Woman shrugging on pink background

How many people watch Twitch a month?

2/8 Man scratching head on grey background

How many streamers does Twitch host?

3/8 Frog with mouth open on leaf

When was Twitch founded?

4/8 Two people playing video games

What's Twitch used for?

5/8 Woman scratching her head on white background

Which of these Youtubers is among the most popular recent streamers on Twitch?

6/8 Man singing into mic on blue background

What is Twitch Sings?

7/8 Surprised looking squirrel on grey background

Who founded Twitch?

8/8 Colour wheel on white background

What colour is the Twitch logo?

Wow result

Wow! You know a LOT about Twitch! Very impressive!

Well done result

Well done! You're obviously a big fan of Twitch

Try again result

Hmm, you know a bit about Twitch, but why not take the quiz again and see if you can do any better?

oh no result

Uh oh! You're pretty clueless about Twitch, but that's just a great excuse to check it out!