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Which Pokemon Gym Leader Are You?

Which gym leader will you be? Find out in this cool Pokemon quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 17th 2022
1/10 Woman sleeping

How long do you take to get out of bed in the morning?

2/10 Pineapple on a beach

What's your ideal holiday?

3/10 Astronaut in space

If you had the chance, would you go into space?

4/10 Baseball cap

Pick a cool accessory 

5/10 Snake on sand

What's your ideal pet?

6/10 Moon in cloudy sky

Pick a time of day

7/10 Yellow gerbil

What would you do if you caught a rare Pokemon?

8/10 Man on treadmill

What's your favourite part of a real gym?

9/10 Man eating snack

Pick a snack to keep you going while you're training

10/10 Woman thinking

What skill would your ideal Pokemon have?

Clay result


You're Clay! You're tough to beat and you're Pokemon include Krokorock and Palpatoad. You specalise in ground types, and you're pretty hardy!

Volkner result


You're Volkner! You're an electricity expert and you're super powerful. Your prize Pokemon is your Electivire

Roxy result


You're Roxie! You're tougher than you look! You don't need to use all your Pokemon to defeat people; you're cleverer than that!

Clair result


You're Clair! You're super powerful and other Gym leaders know how scary you can be! You're Dragon type Pokemon are more than a match for any opponent!