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Hungry Trees

They may seem harmless but trees have a ravenous appetite! Just look at what these perilous plants have been scoffing!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  May 12th 2017

Yum! A delicious fence

tree eating a fence

This pavement tastes a bit like lemon curb

Tree eating a pavement

This one's having a first class chomp on this post box

tree eating a postbox

Maybe not such a good place to sit

tree eating a bench

Oh no! Not my bike!

tree eating a bicycle

And my Gran's motorbike!

tree eating a motorcycle

And this is all that's left of Dad's car!

That tree must've been WHEELY hungry!!

tree eating a wheel

I think we've discovered the real reason the dinosaurs went extinct!

She's become a TREE-rannosaurus Rex!

tree eating a toy t-rex

So, hiker's beware when entering the woods

Especially at dinner time!

tree eating a hiking sign

What will those hungry trees decide to have for pudding?