Inside Beano 3870 - The One With BatMin

Why This Week's Beano is Super...

1 - Batmin takes on the Joker

Walter is the joker? We've met funnier potatoes - actually, every potato we've ever met has been funnier than Walter!

2 - Tricky Dicky learns martial arts

He already has a black belt in pranking!

3 - Betty and the Yeti try to fool the babysitter!

Will Yeti be discovered?

4 - Someone steals all the trouser elastic in Beanotown!

Lucky Bananaman's outfit is a onesie!

5 - Calamity James winter-proofs his house

Good luck with that, James... oh, that's right: James only gets bad luck!

Beano No. 3870 is on sale now!

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