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Inside Beano โ€“ Issue 4155: The Bash Street Cops!

Stop in the name of the LOL with the Bash Street Kids!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  September 28th 2022

1. Cops and robbers!

The Bash Street Kids are helping in the community this week! What sort of help do you think the residents of Beanotown need? Helping old people with their shopping by catapulting it into their house? Tidying up the litter on the street by blowing it into people's gardens? Who knows - whatever they need, the Bash Street Kids will help!

Who's your favourite Bash Street Kid?


  • Danny! 0.6 %
  • Stevie Starr! 0 %
  • Khadija! 0 %
  • Harsha! 0.3 %

2. Chore Dodger!

Roger's busy relaxing this week - but Mum's got other ideas! And if he does it well, then she might make him do more! Roger can't have that! What dodge will he get away with this week?

3. It's ancient history!

We're following the Dennises back through history this week! What did Dennis do in Victorian times? What is Gnasher like? And why are we learning all about this very specific time in history?

4. Eat your greens!

It's a battle of wills between Minnie and Mum - Minnie needs to eat her greens, and she doesn't want to! Who is the most stubborn of these two - or no-one will be leaving the table before next week!

5. Time for sleep!

General Blight and Doctor Gloom have been at it again - they've got a new plan to defeat Bananaman by putting him to sleep! They've just got to be careful with the spray!

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