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Inside Beano – Issue 4157: What's in JJ's Journal?!

Take a leaf out of JJ's book... if you dare!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  October 12th 2022

1. The JJ Diaries!

Dennis and JJ are exploring the library and they find a diary from someone with the exact same name as JJ - what could it mean? Who is this mysterious Jem Jones? And what is hidden in the pages of their diary? Read on, dear readers, to find out!

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2. Bye, bye, Winston!

Winston is leaving Bash Street School! Who's going to keep the school mice at bay? And clean the corridors? He's a Bash Street School essential - how can the school run without him?

3. Phone voice!

Minnie's mum's got a great life hack - her phone voice means she gets her way! Miss Mistry doesn't know what's coming for her - Minnie's phone voice will mean she'll always get her way!

4. Pet Search!

Bananaman is searching for his perfect pet - everyone else has one, and he wants a best friend like that! But can Bananaman manage the responsibility of looking after a pet?

5. Time to play!

Roger's dad is making Roger and Dave go outside and play instead of playing video games inside. Roger needs a dodge to sort this out - but how?

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