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Inside Beano Issue no. 4088 - Minnie's in DEEP trouble!

This week, Minnie's parents undergo some strange changes in the water....and how is Dennis going to hide an elephant?!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  August 25th 2021

Minnie's Parents Make a Splash!

Minnie and her parents are at the beach – but it’s a little chilly in the water. There’s no way Minnie’s getting in there. But, there’s something in the water that makes Minnie’s parents transform into something completely new!

What's your favourite sea monster?


  • Loch Ness Monster 0.4 %
  • Giant squid 0.1 %
  • Megalodon Shark 0.3 %
  • Giant pink sea blob 0.1 %

Dennis and Gnasher's GIANT Problem

Dennis and Gnasher need to hide Ellis the Escaping Elephant! Where do you hide a 2-tonne elephant in Beanotown? Now, the only challenge is how to get him there – an elephant is a bit conspicuous in the middle of the town square.

Where would you hide an elephant?


  • Paint its toenails and hide it in a strawberry patch 0.2 %
  • Up a tree- no one would think of that! 0.2 %
  • Get it to pretend to be a rug 0.2 %
  • Paint a door on it and call it a wall 0.4 %

Teacher's seeing double!

Teacher’s register is inexplicably longer this week! Class 2B has a couple of new pupils! They’re a Bash Street kid now, and it means the rest of them have their back!

What's the best thing about being in a friend gang?


  • Everyone always has your back 0.3 %
  • There's always someone to hang out with 0.3 %
  • The zany schemes you can get up to 0.2 %
  • Someone's always got snacks 0.2 %

Bananaman's Robot Wars

Bananaman is battling giant General Blight and Doctor Gloom robots! But what else can you fight giant robots with, but a giant Bananaman robot?!

What powers would you have if you were a robot?


  • Laser eyes 0.4 %
  • Ever-stretching arms 0.1 %
  • The ability to transform into a spaceship 0.2 %
  • Inbuilt pizza oven 0.3 %

Pie Face's Maths Mentor

Rubi has been tutoring Pie Face in maths. It’s been hard, but he’s finally ready for his maths genius to shine through! Any question you have, Pie Face has the answer – but only if it’s maths!

How do you feel about maths?


  • It's the greatest subject ever invented 0.3 %
  • It's fine I suppose 0.3 %
  • I'd rather be doing history 0.2 %
  • I'd rather be at the dentists! 0.3 %

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