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Inside Beano No. 3862

Beano Comics Team
Last Updated:  August 25th 2021

Beano No. 3862 - The one with Gnasher dressed as a superhero

Seven is a lucky number, and here are seven reasons to check out this week's Beano!

1. Dennis asks a neighbour if he can borrow a cup of sugar

Sorry, did we say a cup of sugar? We meant 'full-size tank'!

2. There are epic prizes to be won!

See? Epic!

3. Minnie the Minx blows 'em all away!

4. Bananaman wraps up for winter

Do superheroes feel the cold? Maybe that's why they wear their pants outside their trousers.

5. Tricky Dicky leaves Mr Throbb FOAMING

Have you seen Dicky's Jamburger prank yet?

6. The Numskulls try to keep Edd's emotions under control

7. Minnie the Minx tells you her favourite jokes about trees!

You wooden believe how funny these jokes are - tap here to read them!

Stuffed with stories, loaded with laughs and jumping with jokes - it's SO Beano!
Beano No. 3862 is on sale Wednesday, 23rd November.
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