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Inside… Beano No. 3868 – The One With The Dennis-Skulls

5 Reasons Why This Week's Beano is Totally Epic!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  January 19th 2017

1. You can see inside Dennis's head

And Gnasher's too - who knew he had Gnash-skulls?

2. Bananaman fights against himself...

...but can you tell who the real superhero is?

3. The Numskulls get lost in the jungle...

...the jungle between Edd's ears!

4. Minnie shows you how to make a catapult!

All you need is an elastic ban, a wooden spoon and a toilet roll!

The Bash Street Spiders tell their favourite jokes!

They're FANG-tastic!

Beano No. 3868 is on sale now!