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Inside Beano No. 3872 – The One Where Bananaman Shows Off

Five reasons this week's Beano is EPIC!

Beano Team
Last Updated:Β  February 14th 2017

1 - Bananaman's superpowers are put to the test

How would YOU rate him?

2 - Minnie needs a new hat!

It's the only way to get ahead!

3 - Barry Garlow visits Bash Street School!

Hmm... does that name sound familiar to you?

4 - Gnasher and Gnipper pinch some sausages!

Look... no paws!

5 - Brainy tries to get to the heart of the matter...

...but ends up at Edd's liver!

Beano No. 3872 is on sale from Wednesday 15th February!