Inside Beano No. 3890 - The One With Ed Sheeran at Beanofest

Check out this week's comic to find out what happened when Ed Sheeran played Beanofest!

Ed Sheeran plays at Beanofest...

Yep, the real Ed Sheeran!

Ed Sheeran makes his first ever appearance at Beanofest!

And there's someone else in the crowd you might recognise too...

Harry Styles in the crowd at Beanofest

Dennis hits the stage to share his epic guitar skills...

Pity it's a bit loud for some people!

Dennis the Menace playing guitar, Beano 3890

Minnie the Minx stitches up her dad...

But it's just training for the parents' race at Bash Street School Sports Day!

Minnie the Minx, Sports Day, Beano 3890

Tricky Dicky shares his latest prank with you...

Try it out on someone you love to trick!

Tricky Dicky, Pranking, Beano 3890

The Numskulls are in a bit of a spin…

So Edd gets a bit dizzy!

The Numskulls, Beano 3890

Walter tricks JJ into using one of her jokes to play a prank on Minnie…

He’s still smarting after losing the election to her!

Walter pranks Minnie the Minx, Beano 3890

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