Inside Beano No. 3895

The one from a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

1. Make your friends GREEN with envy by sharing our crayon jokes!

A colourful sense of humour!

2. Minnie the Minx takes on Walter in our hilarious long story – The Blue Lolly Wars!

Ice to minx you!

3. Learn Tricky Dicky’s prank and leave your parents feeling BLUE!

Dicky's dad is looking a little down in the mouth

4. RED alert! Billy Whizz helps out with a lighthouse emergency!

Faster than whizz speed, Billy Whizz will save you!

5. What could be so scary as to leave the Numskulls WHITE with fear?

Brainy looks like he's seen a ghost! Oh, wait, he has?!

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