Inside Beano No. 3905... The One Where a Rocket Crashes Into Dennis's Treehouse

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Beano No. 3905

Dennis needs a new den...

...but when he takes a virtual reality tour of his Grand Design, something is seriously wrong!

Dennis the Menace Virtual Reality

Rubi breaks through into a parallel dimension...

... and the first person she meets is... herself!

Rubi von Screwtop from Beano

The Bash Street Kids go down to the woods...

... and they get a bit surprise!

The Bash Street Kids from Beano

Minnie the Minx takes on Cruncher in a battle of the conkers...

... there can be only one winner!

Minnie the Minx and Cruncher Kerr

A nosy reporter thinks he's uncovered Bananaman's alter ego...

... Can Eric save the day, and keep it a secret?


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