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Inside Beano no.3922 โ€“ Time to Crack the Case!

5 Reasons to help solve the Beano mystery this week

Beano Comics Team
Last Updated:ย  February 11th 2018

1. There will be no more unsolved mysteries in Beanotown โ€“ not while Sherlock Minx is on the case!

2. Dennis really needs some pocket money but luckily, Gran has the perfect job for him!

3. Bananaman takes to the high seas this week to face a crew of pirate scallywags โ€“ in costume, naturally!

4. Bash Street goes all modern when Teacher tries out some anti-prank technology!

5. With the Winter Olympics in action, Gnasher has some ideas for his own sporting events!

This Issue of the Beano arrives in shops from Wednesday 14th February!

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