Inside Beano No. 3923 - The One Where Dennis is Behind Bars!

5 Reasons this week's Beano is perfect for troublemakers!

1. Dennis hasn’t actually caused any trouble (for once) but his innocent face still makes everyone suspicious!

Dennis gets in trouble for something he hasn't done

2. After a few bottles of fizzy pop, Fatty is caught red-handed!

Fatty lets out a ballistic belch

3. Minnie is trying to avoid detention by using a classic excuse for not doing her homework…

Minnie tries to minx her way out of homework

4. …and Calamity James might be in trouble if he can't find something for Show and Tell!

Calamity James has a new pet peeve

5. Bananaman meets an old foe... he’s a real bad apple!

Bananaman faces an old fruity foe

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