Inside Beano no. 3933: the Fastest Water Gunslinger in Beanotown!

5 Reasons this week's Beano is wilder than a bucking bronco!

dennis the menace water pistols

1. Roger and Dave’s water gun duel goes slightly off target! Time to up stakes, pardners!

roger the dodger hose

2. Bananaman’s enemies are fighting back with a secret weapon (and it’s absolutely nothing like a certain movie you might have heard of!)

Bananaman infinity claw

3. Crumbs! Dennis goes on a hunt for a late night biscuity snack and puts the kitchen in danger!

dennis the menace drawer biscuits

4. Minnie is knot going to let Cruncher get away with ruining a kite competition…

minnie the minx kite

5. …and the Numskulls have a tree-mendous guide to building a wilderness den!

numskulls den woods ed

This week’s lawless Beano charges into shops from Wednesday 25th April!

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