Inside Beano no. 3934 - Dennis discovers medieval methods of homework destruction!

5 Reasons this week's Beano will catapult your socks off!

dennis the menace cover

1. Dennis’s home-made catapult is secretly demolished – who could the culprit be?

dennis the menace

2. With a few wire-haired tripe hounds, a movie can really leap off the screen!

gnasher and gnipper

3. It’s time for the Minx-stock music festival in Minnie’s garden! VIPs only!

minnie the minx

4. The Bash Street Kids are a loyal bunch, except when they want to avoid homework!

bash street kids

5. Oh dear, Yeti is a bit cranky! What could possibly be bothering him?

This week’s Beano will be fired into shops from Wednesday 9th May!

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