Inside Beano no. 3968 - The One That Gets Messy

5 Reasons this week's Beano makes a mess with the best!

This week, Dennis is making one big mess!

Inside Beano no. 3968

1. After an ‘accidental’ paint spraying, Dad wants revenge!

Dennis tries to clean up his act, but ends up in more of a mess than when he started.

Inside Beano no. 3968 - Dennis

What kind of mess do you make the most?

2. Minnie wants to be the top reporter in Bash Street School. But to beat Susan, she needs to make sure her scoop is the hottest gossip of all time!

Is Minnie up to the challenge, or will she find herself with some bad press?

Inside Beano no. 3968 - Minnie

What's more fun to gossip about?

3. Bananaman is facing his toughest mission yet: Substitute teacher at Bash Street School!

 Does he have what it takes to take on such a daunting assignment? It’s gonna take a LOT of brains (and bananas!) 

Inside Beano no. 3968 - Bananaman

Would YOU like to take over your class for a day?

4. Bash Street School is falling apart (again!), so Class 2B are trying their hand at a little DIY.

Let’s hope they don’t leave too much of a mark on Bash Street School! Teacher might just be reminded that if you want something done well, don’t leave it to the Bash Street Kids!

Inside Beano no. 3968 - Bash Street

What's the most expensive thing you've broken?

5. JJ needs help, and Rubi is happy to step it up. On her very own creation: a treadmill for JJ.

After all, Rubi’s inventions never go wrong…

Inside Beano no. 3968 - Rubi

Which of these RUBI-tastic inventions would you rather use?

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