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Minnie the Minx has A Night At The Opera

When Minnie’s Dad gets some free box tickets to the opera, all he wants is a daughter who will sit quietly and enjoy the performance. Of course, he’s got a minx who has other ideas!


If you were going to the opera, what would you like to see?

Dennis kicks up a st-INK!

Dennis gets inky! Causing an accidental ink spill in the dining room, Dennis finds himself thinking about running away to the Wild West, which isn’t as wild as you might think!


If you could spill ink anywhere, where would it be?

Cowboys vs Ninjas II is out.

It’s just a shame that Roger and Dave can’t afford it. But don’t despair, Roger has a dodge so they can play without paying!


Which game would you most like to play?

The Bash Street Kids face extra school!

At the weekend! The only way to save their free time is to teach Smiffy, the dimmest boy in school. Time to educate Smiffy!


If you really really had to have extra school, what would you want more of?

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