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Inside Beano No. 3970

Five Reasons this week's Beano will give you wings!

Beano Comics Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

1. Minnie the Minx tells a tale of the dragon who lost his TOOT!

Viking Minnie can’t keep blaming her toots on her dragon. So, she embarks on an EPIC quest to find where her dragon’s lost toot has gone! 

2. According to Mum, Dennis and a full biscuit tin are never a good mix!

 She’ll stop at nothing to make sure Dennis doesn’t nab all the biscuits. Watch out Dennis, Mum’s onto you!

3. An inspector arrives to inspect Class 2B. But this isn’t the real Class 2B!?

What’s going on, and what’s happened to the REAL Class 2B? Can they get back to school in time for the inspection?

4. Bananaman is facing his toughest mission yet: putting together a flat-pack set of drawers for Chief O’Reilly.

But crime in Beanotown never stops. Getting Chief O’Reilly’s drawers up is going to be a balancing act for Bananaman. 

5. Roger has homework and his Dad wants to get involved. In this Roger vs Dad showdown, will Roger’s dodges prevail?

Or will he ACTUALLY make a boring volcano with his Dad?...Don’t be silly, it’s Roger the Dodger we’re talking about! 

All this and more in Beano, in shops from Wednesday 30th January 2019.

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