Inside Beano no. 3972

5 Reasons this week's Beano will cause a mutiny!

13th February 2019 - The Bash Street Kids' 65 Years Birthday Special

Beano no. 3972. School's out... forever?

1. The Bash Street Kids have been in Beano for 65 years, and Class 2B is under threat! They cause mischief, mayhem, and major repair costs, and the Mayor’s had enough!

Teacher is fired, and the kids have been moved to classes in the rest of the school. Is this the end for Class 2B? 

Inside Beano 3972 - Bash Street Kids

What do you think the Kids should do to rebel against their class being split?

2. Min’s got twins on the brain! Minnie is keeping Toots’ spirits up and making the most of another minxing girl being around.

 Look out, Mrs Creecher - you’ll soon be seeing double trouble!

Inside Beano 3972 - Bash Street Kids

Would you like to have a twin?

3. Sending a note across the class has never been harder. Roger will have to use all his dodging power to help Plug get the note to Danny without Mrs Creecher noticing.

Will the king of dodges be up to the task, or will Mrs. Creecher see through their antics?

Inside Beano 3972 - Bash Street Kids

Would your teacher notice you passing notes or texting in class?

4. Bananaman needs a sidekick, and Teacher is the perfect man for the job... isn't he?

You can take the Teacher out of the school, but you can’t take the schooling out of Teacher!

Inside Beano 3972 - Bash Street Kids

Would you answer the call to action and join forces with Bananaman?

5. Dennis is the coolest kid in Beanotown... Or is he? Could Danny unseat him from his throne?

Enjoy the battle to be the Coolest Kid in Bash Street School! Who will be victorious?

Inside Beano 3972 - Bash Street Kids

How cool are you RIGHT NOW?

All this and more in Beano, in shops from Wednesday 13th February 2019!

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