Inside Beano no. 3973 - Wheely Awesome!

5 Reasons this week's Beano is wheely fun!

Inside Beano no. 3973!

1. Dennis and Gnasher crash a tyre into a strange green box in the street, leading to every kid's worst nightmare: no internet!

How will the kids of Beanotown cope without it?

Inside Beano 3973!

What do you do when the internet is down?

2. 30 days hath September, April, June and… everybody knows the rhyme, apart from the Bash Street Kids.

What else is shorter in February? The Bash Street Kids know!

Inside Beano no. 3973!

How many days are there in February, if it's a leap year?

3. Edd has been disappointed by a toy after seeing the advert, and Brainy is taking this in his usual calm and collected manner.

To help calm down, Radar conjures up some cake in Edd’s imagination. 

Inside Beano no. 3973!

What would you make Edd imagine to help Brainy feel better?

4. Bananaman has discovered an alien spaceship in Earth’s atmosphere, and only he can defend us! By talking!

Never mind, the earth’s doomed!

Inside Beano no. 3973!

Which superpower would you choose for yourself?

5. Minnie has had to go to the Nurse’s office. She’s really feeling ill, what can it be?

A case of minx-itis, or trouble-maker fever? Will she need… gulp… a jab? Or will she make a full recovery?  

Inside Beano no. 3973!

What would cure Minnie?

All this and more in Beano, in shops from Wednesday 20th February 2019!

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