Inside Beano no. 3981!

5 Reasons this week's Easter Beano will egg-cite you!

Inside Beano no. 3981!

Beano no. 3981 - On a Roll!

1. The Easter Bunny needs help and Roger’s the only one who can save the day (really?! Dennis wasn’t available?).

Roger needs to deliver the eggs to all the kids in Beanotown, or else the egg-pocalypse will hit! Can Roger meet the eggs-pectations the Easter Bunny has set?

Inside Beano no. 3981! Rodger

What happens in the egg-pocalypse?

2. Gnipper has the hiccups! And nothing is getting rid of them.

Gnasher needs to give Gnipper a fright, but what scares a wire-haired Abyssinian tripe-hound? 

Inside Beano 3981 - Gnasher and Gnipper

How should Gnasher frighten Gnipper?

3. Minnie’s borrowed a Bash Street kid's iconic jumper, and it spells disaster for her! Can you guess who’s it is (and no, it isn’t Dennis’s!)?

Her pranks backfire, causing more mayhem than she ever could have planned. Maybe it’s not so much of a disaster as we thought...

Inside Beano 3981 - Minnie

Who does the jumper belong to?

4. The Bash Street Kids are taking part in Beanotown’s egg rolling contest to try and help Teacher win this year!

With all their likenesses in egg form rolling down the hill, which of them will make it down intact, and how many can you spot?

Inside Beano 3981 - Bash Street Kids

Whats the best way to make an egg roll?

5. Dennis has eaten all the unlimited chocolate eggs from the Easter Bunny’s basket, and is feeling ill.

He needs to watch, or he might turn into a giant egg eating monster! Watch out for Mum’s best line yet as Beano breaks the fourth wall!

Inside Beano 3981 - Dennis and Gnasher

What should the 'giant Dennis egg-eating monster' be called?

All this and more in Beano, in shops from Wednesday 17th April 2019!

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