Inside Beano no. 3982

5 Reasons this week's Beano will be a slice of life!

27th of April 2019 - Dinner Bites Back!

Beano no. 3982! - Dinner Bites Back!

1. Dennis is taking part in a cooking class. Now that’s a recipe for disaster! They’re making pizzas, but possibly the most disgusting sounding pizzas ever created!

However, Beano has weighed in on the most controversial issue to ever face mankind: pineapple on pizza is a no go!

Beano no. 3982! - Dennis

What's your thoughts on a pineapple topping?

2. Roger and his Dad are entering the Annual Beanotown Cart Race. Again. After the last disastrous entry, Dad and Roger are keen to snag the win this year. But, Dad has decreed no dodges!

Will Roger manage to keep this promise, and will they win the race?

Inside Beano 3982! Rodger

Which dodge is best?

3. General Blight is running for Mayor! Vote for Blight! Could it be part of a brilliant plan to take over the world? Maybe!

But Mayor Brown is having none of it! What follows is a confusing identity change up that has Bananaman very confused. Then again, it’s easy to confuse Bananaman!

Inside Beano 3982 - Bananaman

How should Bananaman bring down General Blight?

4. Minnie’s opening an inn, and it’s got its first customer! Would you like to stay in the Minx Inn?

It’s full of tricks, pranks and is definitely not relaxing! Hmm, maybe not...

Inside Beano 3982 - Minnie

What tricks should Minnie pull in the Minx Inn?

5. It’s non-uniform day for Class 2B!

So, to cause more havoc, they’re dressed as superheroes! But will they save the day, or discover they’re more like the villains?

Inside Beano 3982 - BSK

Who is your favourite villain?

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