Inside Beano no. 3983!

5 Reasons this week's Beano will defeat the dark side!

1st May 2019 - Dennis and Gnasher in Ham Solo!

Inside Beano no. 3983!

1. Happy Star Wars Day from everyone at Beano! Can a bunch of awesome rebel kids beat Darth Walter’s fiendish plans for the ultimate domination of the galaxy?

This rag-tag group of rebels are the last chance to defend the Galaxy; here’s hoping they can pull it off!

Inside Beano no. 3983! Dennis

Who is your favourite Star Wars character?

2. Minnie and Chester are out to win a cat show for the best kitty! But Minnie’s got her work cut out for her getting Chester into shape for the crown.

She even has to pull out the most time-honoured transformation technique: a montage! 

Inside Beano no. 3983! Minnie

Which animal is the better pet?

3. Teacher’s car is pretty beat-up to say the least! It’s about 100 years old and falling apart, so Teacher enlists the Bash Street Kids to get it into tip-top shape.

It’s a ‘teaching moment’ (or a way to save money on a mechanic!).

Inside Beano no. 3983! Bash Street Kids

How should Teacher repay the Bash Street Kids?

4. Roger has to hoover. Shock! horror! What kind of creative dodge is he going to use to get out of doing this?

Dodge 53XD: where he talks mum into doing it for him? Or Dodge 791S, which involves creating a cyclone and directing it into the living room? Or, even more ridiculous, will Roger just do it?

Inside Beano no. 3983! Rodger

Which dodge will Roger use?

5. Forget Batman and Robin. Forget the Avengers. Even forget Bananaman and Batmin!

This is the ultimate superhero team-up, Bananaman and Olive the dinner lady! Together, their food-related super powers are unstoppable!

Inside Beano no. 3983! Bananaman

What is Olive's most dangerous super power?

All this and more in Beano, in shops from Wednesday 1st May 2019!

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