Inside Beano no. 3986!

5 Reasons this week's Beano is funnier than a custard pie to the face!

25th May 2019 - Menace Infested Custard!

Inside Beano no. 3986: Menace Infested Custard!

1. What’s yellow and dangerous? Shark-infested custard! What’s yellow and even more dangerous? Menace-infested custard!

This week, Dennis somehow, accidentally makes a bath full of custard. Just imagine the mischief he could get up to with that! 

Inside Beano 3986 - Dennis and Gnasher

What happens to pudding thieves?

2. The Bash Street Kids are covering entirely new terrain: the sports fields. It looks like it’s never been cut, let alone kept nice to play a game of footy on!

Will the Bash Street Kids ever manage to get their P.E. lesson? Will they ever find the Janitor in among the fields?

Inside Beano 3986 - Bash Street Kids

What's your favourite sports day activity?

3. Minnie gets geeky! Joining a role-playing club at school, Minnie the Barbarian appears!

Don’t cross her, or she’ll hit you with her axe! 

Inside Beano 3986 - Minnie the Minx

What should Minnie the Minx name her axe?

4. Calamity James is going to pieces! Jigsaw pieces that is!

Trying to complete the world’s second hardest jigsaw is the perfect challenge for the unluckiest boy in the world!

Inside Beano 3986 - Calamity James

Do you think James will complete the puzzle?

5. Roger is in a dodge conundrum! He needs answers, and fast! But even faster, he needs money to get his answers!

This dodge equation needs balanced, and fast! Or Roger will be counting his losses!

Inside Beano 3986 - Rodger the Dodger

Which school subject are you best at?

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