Inside Beano no. 3987

5 Reasons this week's Beano will have you pampering your pooch!

29th May 2019 - The Secret Life of Gnasher

Beano no. 3987 - The Secret Life of Gnasher

1. Have you ever thought about what Gnasher does when he’s not hanging out with Dennis? What sorts of exciting adventures he could get up to?

He could be a secret agent, working to ensure that cats don’t take over the world. But that would be ridiculous... or would it?

Inside Beano 3987 - Gnasher and Gnipper

What do you think Gnasher does all day?

2. Bananaman only has one weakness: booby-trapped punching bananas! Who could ever have found out his secret?

Was it General Blight? Or Weatherman? Or Rembrant? Or any of his other Nemeses? How will Bananaman ever find out who booby-trapped his bananas?

Inside Beano 3987- Bananaman

How should Bananaman retaliate?

3. Minnie is playing hopscotch with Susan... wait, what?! Never mind, she’s trying her hand at becoming an artist.

She could be the next Banksy with her pavement chalk drawings. But she could also use them to aid her minxing ways! Which side do you think Minnie will choose?

Inside Beano 3987 - Minnie the Minx

How should Minnie use her chalk?

4. The Menace family is out for dinner at a VERY fancy restaurant! Even Gnasher is looking dapper in his doggy tuxedo!

Can they hold it together long enough to have a nice dinner without any mayhem?

Inside Beano 3987

What do you think Gnasher will order?

5. It’s Careers Day at Bash Street School. What does the future hold for Class 2B?

Is there a future Prime Minister in their midst? Doctors? Lawyers? They could do anything! But one thing’s for sure, they will always cause mischief! 

Inside Beano 3987 - Bash Street Kids

Which job would you prefer?

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