Inside Beano no. 3992!

5 Reasons this week's Beano will give you a 'hole' lotta laughs In one read!

3rd July 2019 - Play Minnie Golf!

Inside Beano no. 3990 - Play Minnie Golf!

1. Minnie’s been given a licence to minx! Her Dad needs help on the golf course to stop him winning against his Big Boss!

So, it’s time for golfing and minxing to mix. Windows will need to watch out, because balls will be flying!

Inside Beano no. 3992 - Minnie the Minx

How should Minnie stop her Dad from winning?

2. Words can’t hurt. Eh, Bananaman? Not unless those words are sounds from Doctor Gloom’s Sound Actualiser, then they can hurt quite a bit!

How will Bananaman get himself out of this?

Inside Beano no. 3992 - Bananaman

What is your favourite noise?

3. Dennis wants ice cream, but there are no ice cream vans around! Where have they all gone?

Can there be a summer without ice cream vans? No ice lollies, no flakes, no sprinkles! Dennis needs to get this sorted!

Inside Beano no. 3992 - Dennis and Gnasher

How should Dennis get some ice cream?

4. The Bash Street Kids are on yet another school trip! But now they’ve got an upgraded bus to get there!

Nothing will get in the way of them studying oxbow lakes! Other than the Bash Street Kids themselves, of course!

Inside Beano no. 3992 - Bash Street Kids

What's the best form of transport?

5. Roger’s Mum is having her book club over. But Roger wants to watch his TV shows!

Can he think of a dodge to get the mums out of the living room? 

Inside Beano no. 3990 - Bash Street Kids

What did YOU think of 'The Girl on the Pedalo'?

All this and more in Beano no. 3992, on sale in shops from 3rd July 2019!

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