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Inside Beano no. 4003!

5 reasons this week's Beano is heroic!

Beano Comics Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Inside Beano Issue 4003...

The Dark Minx Returns! 

1. The Dark Minx returns! The Dark Minx is a rogue element around Beanotown. She’s a dark shadow that plagues the town!

Not much is known about her other than her red and black stripy top, and every boy and his dog in Beanotown has one of them! Who could she be?

2. Bananaman is a cow! No, he’s literally a cow! That’s udderly ridiculous, I hear you say? Doctor Gloom has created an animal ray gun and turned him into a cow!

How will Bananaman manage to escape? With his superhero moo-ves? Or will he just have a cow? 

3. The Bash Street Kids are on TV! They’re taking part in a televised school quiz show, just like University Challenge! More like universally challenging, we should say!

Can the Bash Street Kids beat the Posh Street Kids at their own game... show?

4. Roger and Dave want to get the new Mutant Ninja Zombies 2 game¬¬ before it sells out, but Dad has other ideas.

Can Roger dodge his way out of his chores like a ninja in his game? Or will Dad out-manoeuvre him?

5. Dennis and Gnasher are hunting for buried treasure! But it can’t be as easy as it appears to find buried treasure, can it?

And what could they find on Beanotown Beach of all places? And whose treasure could it be? 

All this and more in Beano no. 4003, on sale in shops from 18th September 2019!

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