Inside Beano no. 4004!

5 reasons this weeks Beano is goo-reat!!

Inside Beano Issue 4004...

It's Slime Time!

Inside Beano 4004 - It's Slime Time!

1. This week it’s Slime-ageddon in Beanotown! We’ve got slimy stories, gooey gags and oozing recipes for you to try!

The Professor has been at it again, and is testing out his slime toys in Bash Street! But there’s a catch, this slime is alive, and is getting hungry!

Inside Beano 4004 - Bash Street Kids

What would you name a pet slime?

2. Edd is bravely hiding from the Slime monster! But Brainy is being even braver!

It is a good job that Edd is hiding because otherwise, Brainy would be showing it what for! The Slime Monster better watch out! 

Inside Beano 4004 - Numbskulls

What do you think would destroy an evil slime monster?

3. It’s up to Dennis to save Beanotown from the evil slime monster! With half the town absorbed, Dennis needs to get goo-ing if he’s going to save everyone!

Will the Professor’s weapons work on the monster, or does this spell dis-ooze-ter for our favourite Menace?!

Inside Beano 4004 - Dennis and Gnasher

What will Ruby offer Dennis to destroy the slime monster?

4. Disco’s back! School disco, that is! Minnie has been ordered to attend Bash Street’s school disco, and lame is most definitely the word for it.

This totally disastrous disco needs a Minx’s touch, and Minnie is happy to oblige!

Inside Beano 4004 - Minnie the Minx

Who would you like to hear at a school disco?

5. Bananaman is getting a surprise birthday party! The surprise is that General Blight is planning it!

Will this be a perfect party, or just another elaborate and, doomed to fail, plan to rob a bank? 

Inside Beano 4004 - Bananaman

What would be your ideal birthday party?

All this and more in Beano no. 4004, on sale in shops from 25th September 2019!

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