Inside Beano no. 4021!

5 reasons this week's Beano will haunt you!

Inside Beano Issue 4021...

Rodger the Dodger and the haunted teapot! 

Inside Beano 4021 - Rodger the Dodger and the haunted teapot

1. Roger is looking for the ultimate money-making dodge. All he’s got to do is find a tea-pot that’s worth millions of pounds, buy it for a pound, and then sell it on! Easy-peasy!

Nothing’s ever that easy! 

Inside Beano 4021 - Roger the Dodger

What would be the best way to spend a million pounds?

2. Dennis is reading Bea her bedtime story, which is Cinder-bea (not quite as catchy as the classic Cinderella)! Will she ever get to the ball?

 I’m sure she will, but this is a Dennis story so nothing is quite as it seems! 

Inside Beano 4021 - Dennis and Gnasher

Who is your favourite fairy tale character?

3. Minnie is in charge of the school office! Who would ever let that happen?

How do you even run an office? 

Inside Beano 4021 - Minnie the Minx

What mayhem do you think Minnie will cause?

4. Bananaman is at a banana-themed theme park! A never-ending sea of bananas and loads of banana-lovers to appreciate them with!

 It’s too good to be true, isn’t it? What are General Blight and Doctor Gloom planning? 

Inside Beano 4021 - Bananaman

Which attraction would you go on first?

5. Teacher is on playground duty and he’s appalled by what he finds there – Class 2B are all on their phones!

 Teacher is going to get them playing in the playground, not texting! 

Inside Beano 4021 - Bash Street Kids

What's your favourite app?

All this and more in Beano no. 4021, in shops from 5th February 2020!

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