Inside Beano no. 4041 - On your marks, get set... Race!

It’s time for Dad to get retro and show Dennis what he was missing in the olden days!

Inside Beano Issue 4041...

On your marks, get set... Race!

Inside Beano Issue 4041 - On your marks, get set... Race!

1. Dennis’s playbox is broken! What on earth is he going to do?

All he wanted to do was play his new racing game! So it’s time for Dad to get retro and show Dennis what he was missing in the olden days! 

Inside Beano no. 4041  - Dennis & Gnasher

What would you do if your games console broke?

2. This week, it’s Open Afternoon at Bash Street School! And Minnie’s Dad has come to school to spend the day with her.

But, he’s trying to be cool and it’s just so embarrassing! Minnie needs to ditch him, and fast! But how will the Queen of Minxing pull this off?

Inside Beano no. 4041 - Minnie

What's the most embarrassing thing a grown-up can do?

3. Roger’s being asked to do more stuff around the house! Urrgh, why do parents always do this?

What he needs is a robot to do all his chores... oh! I wonder who’s that at the door? Could it be the answer to all Roger’s plans?

Inside Beano 4041 - Roget the Dodger

What chores would you build a robot to do?

4. Doctor Gloom is at it again! His new bomb is a Gloom Boom! What else has he created to rhyme with Gloom?

Get the lowdown in this week’s Bananaman – it’s time for Doctor Gloom to bloom! Or go ka-boom! 

Inside Beano 4041 - Bananaman

Will Bananaman save the day?

5. The Bash Street Kids get a blast from the past! Teacher has an immersive history lesson on the Victorians planned!

But what we can all agree on is that no matter what year it is – Class 2B will always cause mayhem! 

Inside Beano 4041 - The Bash Street Kids

What period in history would you want your teacher to recrete?

All this and more in Beano, in shops from 24th June 2020!

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