Inside Beano No. 3955 - the one where Minnie the Minx CONKERS all!

5 Reasons this week's Beano is a conkeror!

1. The Bash Street school bully, Cruncher Ker, is king of the conkers! Can Minnie the Minx beat him and take the conker crown?

Minnie the Minx, conkers, Beano

Are conkers cool? Or is playing conkers bonkers?

2. Brainy wants to look younger, and he ignores the good advice of the other Numskulls to… well, do his own thing! But does it work?

The Numskulls, Beano

Would YOU ever take a milk bath?

3. Betty takes you through a crash course in understanding Yeti’s grunts in Betty & the Yeti!


Would you rather have the ability to talk to animals, machines, or speak another language?

4. Bananaman faces his greatest threat, so needs to call in some super-powered help…


Would you rather BE a superhero, or just have a superhero pal you can text?

5. Plus… Dennis & Gnasher must solve the mystery of the dirty fence! Just who is the culprit?


Who would YOU suspect if you found a mystery mess in YOUR house?

This Issue of the Beano arrives in shops Wednesday 3rd October.

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