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Give This Irish Rugby Quiz A Try!

Think you know Irish Rugby? We'll see about that! Find out how your rugby trivia skills stack up with this maul-some sports quiz!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:ย  November 11th 2022

Are you Irish Rugby's biggest fan? You'll have to be one of the emerald isle's biggest rugby experts to score 10/10 in this sensational sporting quiz! Ready to put your sports trivia to the test? Scrum on down and find out!

1/10 A rugby kick

What does IRFU stand for?


Saint Patrick brought rugby to Ireland in the fifth Century. True or false?


How many times have Ireland won the Rugby World Cup?


Which one of these names is a legendary Irish player?


What nickname does the Irish National team sometimes go by?

6/10 A game of rugby

Where is Irish Rugby's home stadium?


How many Grand Slams has the Irish team won?

8/10 Socks hanging on a washing line

What colour are the Irish team's socks?


The Irish Rugby Union also covers Northern Ireland. True or false?


Which of these are famous Irish players?

Bah! Oh no. This is too bad! Sorry! Looks like you need to swot up on those Irish Rugby facts, and then have another go at this quiz! And if you'd rather try a different sport quiz - we have plenty! Just pick another, and better luck next time!

Pretty good! Not bad at all! You definitely know a few things about Irish Rugby! You did miss out on a few right answers though - do you know where you went wrong? We suggest having another go, or giving a different quiz a try! How about it?

Good try! Geddit - try?! Actually, this is way better than just a good try - this is an excellent score! You know loads about Irish Rugby! You juuuuust missed out in full marks though, which is a bit of a shame - but we bet you could get 10/10 on a different sports quiz! Fancy finding out? Just pick another!

Perfect! This is an all-star score! Well done! You're clearly an expert when it comes to Irish Rugby. Now, you can't improve on this score (bet you feel pleased with yourself there!) - but you can see if you can get another high score on a different sport quiz! We have loads to choose from!