Is Football Really Coming Home?

The whole country has gone bonkers over balls - does this mean England are ready to win the big one?

Lately, a lot of people have been saying the same thing - It’s coming home!

But just what is coming home exactly?

Could it be Mum after a long day at work? Or how about that letter from school about your missing homework?

Actually, it’s none of these things, because the thing that’s coming home is… football!

Yep, that’s right, the bouncy spherical thing that people kick with their feet (and head with their, er, heads) has got people in England very excited indeed thanks to the antics of Harry Kane, Harry MacGuire, Kieran Trippier and their pals.

So who’s waiting for football to arrive back safe and sound?

Harry Potter

So they may all play Quidditch at Hogwarts but that doesn’t mean Harry can’t enjoy other sports. And besides, with Mr Potter’s namesake working wonders upfront for England, it seems a wonderful world for Harry’s right now.

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He’s big, he’s green, he’s a total goal-machine. No, hold on, the first too were right, but actually Shrek’s more into friends, farts and princesses but that doesn’t mean the world’s favourite ogre is above catching footie fever!

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Rubber Chickens

These guys get everywhere so it’s no surprise to find them out of the nest and up for the cup. And let’s face it, whenever there’s the chance for a singalong, you’ll find a rubber chicken squawking it’s way to stardom.

All together now: Three Chickens on my shirt, Jules Rimet still clucking…

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