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Is Halloween Cancelled This Year?

13 reasons you can't stop the spookiest day of the year!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  July 1st 2021

Some people are worried Halloween might be cancelled this year, because of... you-know-what. 

No, not that! *Whispers*...because of Coronavirus!

So it's true that we'll probably have to celebrate Halloween a bit differently this year, because it's important to stay safe (and you can take a test on how to stay safe HERE).

But we can't just cancel Halloween. In fact, it's impossible! Here's why...

1. Ghosts and Ghouls don't watch the news

Even if we do nothing for Halloween, ghosts will still be out spooking. It's like they don't care about health and safety at all!

2. What'll happen to the sweets?

If kids don't eat all those trick-or-treating sweets, something MUCH worse might happen. The piles of leftovers could attract giant wasps, for example. Or zombies might eat them, and their teeth would fall out.

3. We'll get haunted even more next year

If we break the Halloween tradition, we'll pay for it next year. Monsters are famous for holding grudges, don't you know.

snl | giphy

4. Rotten pumpkins

Imagine the smell of all that rotting pumpkin! We'll have to eat them all instead, and nobody wants to eat pumpkin soup for dinner every day until Christmas.

5. Dracula will go hungry

If the Count doesn't get his yearly dinner of blood he'll have to go back on the iron supplements. And those iron pills give him a terrible stomach ache.

6. All the skeleton costumes will be out of fashion by next year

Ewww... is that last year's collarbone?So 2020.

7. Werewolves need something to do

Halloween is on a Full Moon this year, so if it was cancelled werewolves would spend the whole night wandering around, looking sad. 

8. Fancy dress shops will go bust

And if all the costume shops close down, where will we get our clown shoes and cans of fart gas?

9. If Halloween is cancelled, what happens to Christmas?

If everyone skips Halloween, we'll have loads of spooky decorations left over. Which we'll have to use at Christmas so they're not wasted. And nobody wants cobwebs all over their Christmas tree!


The Editor of the has decided that reasons 10, 11 and 12 on this list are just too spooky, so they have been removed for your own safety. (Sorry about that - Ed.)

13. Whatever happens, you can still celebrate Halloween!

You'll always be able to celebrate Halloween, whatever some grown-ups might say. Even if you spend Halloween on your own in an abandoned Church - nobody can take that Halloween spookiness away from you.

Do You Think Halloween Should Be Cancelled This Year?

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