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Is Plug Your Valentine?

Plug is on the lookout for love. Take the quiz to see if you're in for a kiss!

Beano Quiz Team
Last Updated:  February 11th 2018

Is Plug Your Valentine?


1/5 How beautiful is your Valentine?


2/5 Would you like it if your Valentine was nice and tall?


3/5 Has your Valentine ever broken a mirror?


4/5 How many teeth does your valentine have?


5/5 What do you want most for Valentine's day?

Plug Valentine

You got....PLUG!

Yikes! Your valentine is the most handsome and romantic boy in all of Beanotown. That's right - pucker up (and shut your eyes!)

NOT Plug's Valentine!

You got...not plug!

That's a're one of the lucky ones! Go have a normal day.