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It’s the VMAs – in GIFS!

Did you miss the MTV Video Music Awards this year? We're here to help! Cheers!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  September 1st 2017

Katy Perry hosted this year's MTV Video Music Awards

She was out of this world! Massive LOL there. Cheers!

Katy Perry is out of this world

She did her "Swish Swish" song and hopped about a bit!

Katy Perry looking Swish Swish

Ed Sheeran's beardy face came on stage for an A+ performance. Yay!

Ed Sheeran even put on a tie for the VMA's

Lorde came down with the lurgy, so did a floaty dance instead of doing any singing

Lorde did a dance

Meanwhile, Miranda Sings was running about backstage talking to slebs!

What the heck?

Miranda Sings, hosting behind the scenes!

Rock legend P!NK busted out a sweet ride for the event

Shame that her wallet busted on stage

P!NK in the coolest floating car

And Miley Cyrus busted out a sweet new rock'n'roll style

Who the hell all these people are though… No ideaNext check out the best bits of the Kids Choice Awards!

Miley Cyrus gets Rocky and Rolly