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Jelly Washing Up Liquid

A squeaky-clean prank

Beano Team
Last Updated:  August 24th 2016

You Will Need

- An empty bottle of washing up liquid- Some powdered jelly (we used lemon jelly for the right bright-yellow colour) - Make sure you get the help of a grown-up when using hot water!

Step 1

Add 5 tablespoons of cold water to the powder, and stir to make a paste. Then scoop the paste into a jug, to begin mixing. Follow the instructions on the packet for more exact measurements and details.

Step 2

With help from a grown-up, add some hot water to the paste, and stir hard until it has dissolved into the water. At this point, it should smell fruity and delicious, but be very hot!

Step 3

Pour the the mixture into the bottle. Make sure to use a pouring jug or a funnel, in order to get the liquid in without spilling.  Make sure that you stir all the lumps out of it, so that it sets the right colour and consistency.

Step 4

Let the mixture cool in the fridge for a few hours (at least) - it needs to cool off before it can be used. Keep it upright so that it sets evenly.After that, take it out, and put it by the kitchen sink... and see what kind of reactions you get!

Prank Label!

You can use this logo to print and cut out as the bottle's label, just like we did. It really adds to the effect and lets your victim know they've been pranked by a professional.