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JJ Fleas in the Wild!

From the Olympics to the ice rink, here’s the most daring and competitive flea in the world!

Beano Team
Last Updated:  November 2nd 2022

The JJ Flea is the most competitive and driven of all bugs. One minute they’re on the athletics track, the next they’re lifting weights in the local gym. We sent our nature photographer to capture this sporting flea doing what they do best, at the track and beyond!

Going for gold!

The JJ Flea has represented their country during every Olympic Games, both summer and winter! They’ve scooped medals in every competition they’ve entered!

Strictly Flea Dancing!

When not competing in athletics meetings or having fun doing extreme sports, the JJ Flea enjoys throwing shapes on the floor of their local ballroom. The Flying Flea is a fantastic dancing partner and together they wow even the most cold-hearted judges with their tiny choreographed moves.

It’s a flea kick!

The JJ Flea is always up for a kick about, whether it’s in the local park or at international level. They’ve got a dynamite left foot!

Tyred out!

Sure, the JJ Flea could have a gentle bike ride around the local park, but where there’s the fun in that when they could be doing blam jumps off a quarter pipe and throwing some nifty tricks in for fun?

Pumping iron!

To meet the demands of their favourite sports, the JJ Flea hits the gym a few times a week to lift tiny weights and take selfies in the mirror. They also drink those nutrition shakes in order to build muscle and hydrate after a serious 30-second session.

Cool as ice!

Did you know that the JJ Flea loves to watch ice hockey and sometimes runs onto the rink to have a go themselves? They don’t wear ice skates because they’re far too heavy – it’s fun to slide around in their bare feet, apparently!

Take it flea-sy!

After a full day of sports, it’s important for the JJ Flea to get some much needest rest so they can do it all again tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after that…