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Look How Big This Dog Is!

Juji is a goldendoodle (a golden retriever/poodle combo) and is possibly the BIGGEST DOG EVER!!!

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  June 22nd 2017

Just look how big he is!

Juji the giant dog

Him and his owner, Chris, do everything together

Chris and Juji on a woodland adventure

From hanging out at the park

Juji and Chris hanging out at the park

To boat rides

Juji and Chris on a boat

Playing in the snow...

Juji and Chris playing in the snow

Or just chilling out at home!

Juji and Chris hanging out on the sofa

Juji even helps Chris out doing chores around the farm

Juji and Chris hanging out at the farm

Well, maybe 'helping' isn't the right word

Chris hoovering the car and Juji sitting on top

Eitherway, the 2 of them have a lot of good times together

Look at them go!

Juji and Chris in a trailer

Like that day on the beach...

Juji on that beach

Or that time they battled King Kong

Chris and Juji VS King Kong

Wait! What??

Chris and Juji are Kong now

Okay, okay! You got us! Juji's not that big - Chris is just very good at photo editing!

Here's what Juji looks like actual size

Juji and Chris on a lake