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Look How Talented This T Rex Is!

T-rex is best known for roaring and eating stuff, but they have a number of hidden talents that you may not know about

Beano Team
Last Updated:ย  May 7th 2017

Riding a bike

T-rex riding a bike

Jet skiing

T-rex jet skiing


T-rex doing hoop gymnastics

Playing with a dog

T-rex playing with a dog

Riding a Hoverboard

T-rex on a hoverboard


T-rex doing flips on a trampoline

Ice skating

T-rex figure skating in an ice rink

Horse football

T-rex playing football whilst riding a horse

Playing drums in an orchestra

Does that make it a DINOSAUR-cestra?

T-rex playing drums in an orchestra

And, of course, Ninja Warrior-ing!!!

T Rex ninja warrior